A Special Crystal Animal Figurine – Hand Crafted From Bohemian Crystal

Purchase a crystal animal figurine from the area where the making of crystal and blowing glass first began. The Czech and Slovak Republics have been involved in crafting crystal figurines for more than 500 years. Small workshops in towns and villages were the settings where the first crystal animal figurine came from in cat and dragon designs. Today the dolphin is also popular as a crystal animal figurine.

The art of blowing glass to make a crystal animal figurine has not changed in any significant way throughout the centuries. The process begins with the craftsman making the molten glass in a furnace and then he blows it into various shapes, such as a crystal dragon figurine or a crystal cat figurine. A wooden mold is also used to shape the glass. After the craftsman inspects the crystal dolphin figurine and finds that it is perfect, he then lets it cool for 48 hours.

After the crystal animal figurine has cooled for the specific period of time, then the craftsman adds the specific details he wants to see in the crystal. Many of the crystal cat figurines or those of other animals are left smooth, but there may be details and shapes that need to be added to the figurine, such as eyes. This process is how Bohemian crystal figurines are made and the workshops are noted for their attention to detail and perfection in the pieces they produce.

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Although a Bohemian crystal animal figurine is expensive, it is well worth the money that you pay for it. This is a true work of art that you will definitely want to add to your collection. Having one of these figurines, such as a crystal cat figurine or a crystal dolphin figurine, in your curio cabinet carries with it centuries of history. You can look at it and know that the work that went into its creation is something from the past that is still used in the present, in spite of the technology that has been developed.

When you have a crystal animal figurine crafted in Bohemian glass, you can consider yourself royalty. This was the preferred crystal of royal families all over Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today there is a strong demand for crystal animal figurines from the Czech Republic in Japan, Canada, Brazil and many other parts of the world. The quality of today’s crystal figurines is just as high as it was hundreds of years ago.