Best Baby Changing Table – Buyer’s Guide And Review

Shopping for baby changing table? Read about types, features, and other must-know topics in our baby changing unit buying guide. Find the best baby changing station based on our professional diaper changing table reviews. Read more about which best diaper changing station that is the best for your specific needs.

Best Baby Changing Table

Surely, these changing tables are not for everyone as some of them carry a hefty price-tag.

With that said, one thing can be said for sure, these changing tables are good enough to make it to our list of the top best Baby Changing Table.

Rank Products Name Features Price
ECR4Kids Horizontal Commercial Baby Changing Station

  • Wall mounted baby changing station for use in commercial restrooms and in daycare, preschool and institutional installations
  • Smooth, comfortable concave changing area has a nylon child safety strap with a side release
  • Includes two built-in paper liner dispensers and one convenient bag hook on each side that holds up to 25-pounds each
  • Modern space saving and bacteria resistant station is constructed of high-density polyethylene in white granite color; easy to clean
Badger Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table with Hamper

  • Metal, Wood, Canvas
  • Baby changing table with ample storage
  • Pull out hamper and three drawers hold oodles of baby’s things
  • Safety rails enclose the changing area and includes safety belt too
Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

  • Contains 2 shelves, safety belt, top safety rails, changing pad
  • Includes changing pad
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth
Badger Basket Modern Changing Table with Hamper

  • Changing table with ample storage for the nursery and a removable hamper too
  • Includes three pull out and removable baskets
  • Changing pad and safety belt included; Safety rails surround the changing area
Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

  • 1 inch changing pad
  • 5 1/2″” safety rail
  • 2 shelves below
Costzon Baby Changing Table Infant Diaper Nursery Station

  • There are 3 large baskets for your to store baby’s toys, blankets, diapers etc.; 3 small baskets for baby’s toiletries, socks and other small items. Ample room for diaper changing on top
  • Safety rails on all sides of changing area which is safe enough for you to change diaper smoothly and quickly. Changing pad and safety belt are also included
  • Sturdy changing table is made of hardwood with nontoxic finish. 6 basket are made of 80%polyester+20%cotton
Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

  • Durable quilted vinyl is 100% waterproof material that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • Contoured walls and quick release safety belt keep baby comfortably and securely on pad
  • Security strap underneath keeps pad attached to furniture
Graco Changing Table

  • Includes a water-resistant changing pad with safety strap
  • Generous storage space for easy access to baby supplies
  • Made with a high quality non-toxic finish
Karma Baby Horizontal Diaper Changing Station

  • A comfortable and convenient place to change baby on-the-go! Wall mounted design for use in restrooms, daycares, preschools, and businesses
  • Easy to clean, bacterial resistant high-density polyethylene in attractive Arctic White. Dual built-in paper liner dispensers and handy diaper bag hook
Koala Kare KB200-00 Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

  • Horizontally mounted diaper-changing station with concave changing surface and safety straps for child security supports up to 200 lb
  • Polypropylene body resists odors, is sterilizable, and facilitates cleaning
  • Built-in hooks for purse or diaper bag free caregiver’s hands for infant care

About Baby Changing Table

A changing table is a small raised platform designed to allow a person to change someone’s diaper.

Typically made of wood (such as oak or pine), it is often part of a nursery set. The topmost surface is used to rest the person being changed, during the changing process while there are usually shelves or drawers to store necessary supplies such as diapers, baby wipes, baby powder and sometimes clothing as a dresser would have.

Many public restrooms have public tables available should a diaper change be required in a public place. They are typically made of hard plastic and rest on hinges so they can be folded into the wall when not in use. They are usually not enclosed in a stall.

These became popular in the 1990s. Originally they were mainly found in women’s restrooms. Through the lobbying efforts of Eric Letts, a founder of the Fair Parenting Project, it became commonplace to find them in men’s rooms across Canada and the United States.

Baby Changing Table Dresser

Parents are excited in buying baby items like furniture however it can be a daunting task with all the options available in the market. One of the top recommendations in purchasing baby furniture is to find something that will work through the years. A popular option in the market today is a baby changing table dresser where in the table used for babies to change is attached or installed on a dresser. You just need to find a table pad for diaper changing and it will help you do your job easier. This table dresser offers a wide variety of benefits for parents across the globe.

By looking at a baby changing table dresser, it typically resembles a dresser so you just have to take away the top changing pad make it useful as a storage area. You can place various items in it like clothing, toys, books and others. The good thing about this dresser is it has lots of space for other kid’s items while making it more accessible for you because how it’s constructed. It’s a good way to save money in the future as there’s no need to purchase a new dresser as your baby ages. A baby changing table dresser can be considered a good investment for the future if you want to keep yourself from buying several furnishings that your baby can’t use after several months.

There are now lots of baby changing table dresser options available in the market to meet your preferences. All you need to do is to find the right dresser suitable for your baby’s nursery in terms of design. Check the price and of course the quality of the dresser so you’ll find the ideal one for your budget and baby needs. Top quality ones will help you keep your baby safe and still have a longer lasting piece of furniture.

Things to Know Before Buying Baby Changing Tables

If you are thinking about decorating your baby’s nursery, you should have a good idea about whether or not you want to have a baby changing table in it. A changing table is a very useful piece of furniture but when you compare it against other important pieces of nursery furniture like cribs, wardrobes and even drawers, it’s usually overlooked.

If you are thinking about purchasing a changing table but also have storage issues you’ll be happy to hear that most baby tables as standard have either two or three shelves below the actual changing unit. Having these shelves on the table is great for storing away all the nappies/diapers and wipes that you will need for the week ahead. The more expensive baby changing tables have doors that cover the storage space and keep the nappies and wipes nicely tucked away from your baby.

If you have your heart set on an expensive baby changing table then you shouldn’t fear if you are currently struggling to rise the money, because you have around nine months to start saving for it, so start saving!

You should only use your baby changing table up until your baby is around 12 months old, this is because there is a weight limit when using these tables and secondly your baby will start to wiggle around a lot more at this stage of their development so it’s not recommended that you are still using these tables to change them when they reach 12 months old.

You want to make sure the baby table is as sturdy as possible as you will be placing your baby on the table a few times a day. An easy way to check this is to go to a local store and see the furniture in person before searching around for the best price.

Often the best deals for baby’s furniture can be found online. The reason for this is that there is a lot more competition online which keeps the prices down. Often people come and view the furniture in their local stores and then go hunting online for some great deals.